Use your bow and arrows in Gibbets 4 to save the village people from getting hanged!

To save them, you have to cut the rope above their heads form the gibbets to prevent them from getting choked.

Gibbets 4

Gibbets 4 is not your typical physics shooter. For in this game, you won't be equipped with guns and cannons. Instead, you'll go back to the basics and you must be skilled enough to use your bow. You might not be Robin Hood but you must do your best to save the village people. They have been hanged outside their farms for no particular reason. You have to cut the rope above their heads before they ran out of air and die from asphyxiation. Like the game's previous installments, you must complete each level by saving all of the hanged people. To use your bow, you have to hold your mouse and aim for the rope. If you think that's easy, you might as well know that there are lots of obstacles that you need to pass through. You have to be wise enough to calculate the distance, height and angle of your target. There's no room for failure in Gibbets 4 game. You have to be accurate or else, you could cut the heads of those innocent people. What's even more challenging is that you have to save them all before you ran out of arrows. If you are quite skilled, you will be delighted to know that the fourth iteration of Kongregate's ever-popular physics-based shooter is fully packed with levels that you have never played before. You can even create your own custom level using the game's level editor.

Gibbets 4 will challenge your shooting skills as you try to pass through each level without harming those innocent village people. As expected, this game is much better than its previous versions.